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Dear Scientists

We are honored to welcome you to the 2nd International Congress of Innovation Through Academic Writing.

Research writing is the most important tool for the dissemination of knowledge accumulated through research. In the past decades, it has become part of the practice of writing research to use electronic resources and aids such as electronic databases, electronic personalized libraries, grammar checkers, statistical packages, online dictionaries, and of course personal computers. The academic journals as means through which research is disseminated have also become digitized. There has been no question or debate regarding the usage of the above listed resources in academic research writing in terms of legitimacy and ethics and their use has even been encouraged.

However, with the advent of artificial intelligence, a discussion has started on whether it is ethical to use AI in research writing or how it should be used so that it would be scientifically ethical. The rise of Artificial Intelligence has brought debates in the academic community such as ethical concerns, its effects on human creativity and productivity, its effects on the autonomy of writers and so on. It has also brought about questions of whether AI can replace human writers and whether AI produced texts are reliable detectable. In light of these discussions this year’s conference is going to focus on a current issue which has affected writing practices in the academia the advent of Artificial Intelligence.


In this conference, with presentations and discussions we would like to bring a new light to the discussion of AI in academic writing. The conference also welcomes presentations on issues regarding language teaching.

Congress Chair: Prof. Dr. Elif TOKDEMİR DEMİREL

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